Set cleaning management process in the short-term rental on autopilot

Join the gro­up of satis­fied users who alre­ady auto­ma­te com­mu­ni­ca­tion with cle­aning teams thanks to the Lula.Cleaning appli­ca­tion.


Easy setup | Can­cel any time | No cre­dit card requ­ired to start

Cleaning Management for Short-Time Rental Business (Airbnb / Booking / Expedia) 1

Easy integration with the services

and your favorite channel manager

Auto­ma­tic retrie­val of infor­ma­tion from rese­rva­tion sys­tems.

More inte­gra­tions soon!

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cle­aning jobs auto­ma­ted
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Cleaning Management for Short-Time Rental Business (Airbnb / Booking / Expedia) 9

The most important features

Lula.Cleaning was cre­ated by short-term ren­tal prac­ti­tio­ners. Our goal is to faci­li­ta­te and auto­ma­te the daily tasks neces­sa­ry in this busi­ness.

  • A conve­nient view of all rese­rva­tions day after day – from vario­us pro­per­ties and plat­forms with infor­ma­tion abo­ut check-ins and check-outs.
  • Sepa­ra­te views for: hosts, ren­tal com­pa­nies, cle­aning com­pa­nies and employ­ees.
  • Task-assi­gn­ment for employ­ees who have access to them via magic link witho­ut log­ging in.
  • Works in a brow­ser, doesn’t requ­ire instal­la­tion.
  • Your cle­aning per­son or cle­aning crew can see the rese­rva­tions them­se­lves and you don’t have to con­tact them each time.
  • What is not Lula.Cleaning? It is neither a mar­ket­pla­ce (a pla­ce to search for employ­ees from the adver­ti­se­ment), nor an uber (an appli­ca­tion that allows orde­ring an ad hoc cle­aning servi­ce from a public­ly ava­ila­ble base of employ­ees).

Whose work will Lula.Cleaning make easier?


A per­son who wants to work direc­tly with cle­aning people or a cle­aning com­pa­ny.


A com­pa­ny that mana­ges short-term ren­tals.

Cleaning company

It can cle­an many pro­per­ties of dif­fe­rent owners and mana­ge many employ­ees.

Our pricing plans for everyone

Monthly plan
Annual plan (1 month free)

Standard plan

6,40 EUR
per pro­per­ty per month*
tax not inc­lu­ded
(pri­ces set indi­vi­du­al­ly for 5 and more apart­ments)

Cleaning Management for Short-Time Rental Business (Airbnb / Booking / Expedia) 10

Inte­gra­tions with Airbnb, Booking and 5 chan­nel mana­gers

Cleaning Management for Short-Time Rental Business (Airbnb / Booking / Expedia) 10

One aggre­ga­ted calen­dar view

Cleaning Management for Short-Time Rental Business (Airbnb / Booking / Expedia) 10

Task assi­gn­ment

*) Pri­ce is valid for a one-time annu­al pay­ment.
One month free in com­pa­ri­son to mon­th­ly pay­ments.


Read what Lula.Cleaning users say abo­ut the effects of using the app.

Lula.Cleaning saves me and my team aro­und 2 – 4 hours a day with 40 apart­ments.


I see all the rese­rva­tions from dif­fe­rent owners, coming from dif­fe­rent sys­tems inte­gra­ted in one pla­ce.


Employ­ees do not call me with questions like “how to get to the pre­mi­ses”, “how to enter”, etc.


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