How to save 10000 PLN on apartments cleaning per year?

Join the gro­up of satis­fied users of the Lula.Cleaning appli­ca­tion who have alre­ady impro­ved this pro­cess and per­form cle­anings on autopilot.

Are you active in the short-term rental industry?

If you are…

a host


a rental management company


an apartments cleaning company


Then for sure…

You are tired of 

daily calen­dars brow­sing and taking notes which apart­ment has a check-out? 

Are you tired of 

con­stant calls from the cle­aning team, on how to get to the apartment? 

Are you tired of 

for­war­ding infor­ma­tion to your cle­aning staff thro­ugh many channels? 

You are not alone!

Hundreds of other hosts and cleaning companies have the same problem.

Get to know the functionsLula.Cleaning

Easy tasks assi­gn­ment to employ­ees who can access them witho­ut log­ging in. 

Cle­aning reportsto set­tle acco­unts with employ­ees and hosts. 

Sepa­ra­te views for: hosts, ren­tal com­pa­nies, cle­aning com­pa­nies and cle­aning workers. 

How to save on apartments cleaning 10000 PLN per year? 1

Auto­ma­tic booking sys­tems’ calen­dars fet­ching.

Com­mu­ni­ca­tion within the team as well as with the host / owner. 

Com­for­ta­ble view of all rese­rva­tions day after day – from vario­us pro­per­ties and plat­forms with infor­ma­tion abo­ut check-ins and check-outs. 

You are only 3 STEPS away from automating your cleaning process


We will ana­ly­ze how your cle­aning sys­tem is wor­king today. Then we will discuss your goals and con­si­der what impro­ve­ments to make. 


We will car­ry out the com­ple­te inte­gra­tion for you. We will con­nect your calen­dars (and optio­nal­ly your clients’ calen­dars) to the system. 


We will show you and your team how to use the Lula.Cleaning application. 

Are you ready to relieve your head, improve the work of the whole team and save PLN 10,000 PLN a year??

How to save on apartments cleaning 10000 PLN per year? 2

I invi­te you to a free 30-minu­te call. We will ana­ly­ze your pro­ces­ses and check what can be simplified.

All you need is


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